Which questions are asked for specific keywords?

If you’re using SEO tools like SEMrush or Google Adwords Keyword Planner to craft your SEO / SEM strategy, you’re usually looking for simple queries typed by Google searchers, like UFO or UFO sightings if we’re talking about extraterrestrial spacecrafts.

But some people ask questions to Google in a more natural way, as they would to a friend or a teacher. How can you find out which questions are asked for specific keywords?

Thanks to an email I received this morning from Woorank, I’ve discovered a pretty nice tool called Answer The Public, which boasts a gorgeous animated landing page (click on the image to visit the site & see the animation).

which questions are asked

If you type “UFO” into the search box, you’ll get 142 suggestions of questions using the keyword UFO and the following question words: where, which, who, what, when, why, how + “are” as the start of the query. Click here to see the data. Answer The Public also displays a nice PNG visual showcasing all the suggested questions around the central keyword (see below).

Here are a few interesting – sometimes unexpected – results:

  • where do ufo live
  • which planet do ufo come from
  • who controls ufo information
  • ufo what the government is hiding
  • when is ufo disclosure going to happen
  • why ufo sightings increasing
  • ufo how to make contact
  • are ufo sightings increasing 2013 (2014, 2015)

I presume we will soon get…

  • are ufo sightings increasing 2016

which questions are asked

The web app actually mines results from the Google Autocomplete suggestions (which you get when you start typing into the Google Search box), neatly reorganized.

which questions are asked question-visualisation

If you simply need up to 750 results from Google Autocomplete suggestions without the questions component, you can also use Keywordtool.io

Click here to see suggestions for UFO on Google.co.uk. Keywordtoo.io also gives you suggestions from Youtube, Bing, Amazon and the Appstore.

Wondering which questions are asked for Donald Trump? Click here to find out.

I love this one:

  • when donald trump hears mexican music


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