What job should I do? Here’s Google’s answer.

What job should I do? It’s a question people ask to Google’s UK search engine on average 8,100 times per month.

Alternatively, people will also ask “what job should I have?” (880 searches per month) or “what job suits me” (1000 searches per month). And also “what job is right for me?” (2900 searches per month).

You may think it’s quite funny, if not weird, to think that Google’s matrix could magically deliver a straight answer to the question “what job should I do?”.

Even if we won’t be able to answer that question, which depends on a lot of factors (education, experience, passions, location,…), we’ll try to find out which jobs are the most popular on Google.

If I type JOB into SEMrush, the tool I’m obsessively using on a daily basis, here’s what comes out for the UK.

what job should I do uk

The results are very interesting, for various reasons.

First of all they show you that NHS JOBS are in great demand. The monthly volume of searches is mind blowing: 1,830,000. On the official website, the NHS is offering (as of Nov 2, 2016) 16,000 + job openings. This is a huge pool of available jobs.

what job should I do NHS

Google users are also searching for the main job portals, which are in descending order:

  • Indeed
  • Total Jobs
  • Directgov (the government’s job portal, also called Universal Job Match)
  • Guardian Jobs (the job section of The Guardian newspaper)
  • Gumtree Jobs
  • S1 Jobs (Scotland)
  • Job Centre (Online)

Work where you shop

We also see that UK citizens are very interested in the opportunities offered by big retailers. Like Sainsburys, Tesco, Asda, Boots and Waitrose.

If you have a premium SEMrush account and check out the rest of the list, you’ll also see: Aldi, Marks and Spencer, John Lewis, Morrisons, Lidl, Argos, Primark, etc.

The order of the list is actually quite similar to the very top of the UK retailers ranking. People seem to be eager to work where they shop. Interesting fact, isn’t it?. But I didn’t find B&Q (Kingfisher), Dixons and The Co-Operative in the most wanted queries. They might not be as popular as the other outlets.

what job should I do UK


If you’re looking for a brand new job, you’ll find a wide range of opportunities on the Job Today mobile app, recently launched in London and in other UK cities. They offer to land you a job in 24h!


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