Interior design SEO findings via SEMrush

By using the amazing SEMrush, you can gather actionable SEO insights for every industry. It will give you a powerful competitive edge. In this article I’ll focus on some interior design SEO findings.

If you’re active in interior design, selling bespoke kitchens, bathrooms or bedrooms, you’re probably aware of the US website It has been localized for the UK market on

Our work on SEMrush, after selecting the Organic Research Tab, starts by typing the domain URL in the search bar. It shows us that is ranking 222K keywords in the first 100 results of Google for those search queries. Quite an nice figure for a domain launched in November 2012. You can use this tool at to check the age of a domain name.

interior design SEO


If you perform the same test for on the US market, you even get a more impressive number: 2.9m ranking keywords!

interior design SEO Houzz

Let’s get back to the UK since I’m based in London 😉

interior design SEO

In the Organic Keywords list you will immediately see that “Living Room Ideas” lands Houzz position #6 on results. Anything under #10 gives you a highly coveted position on page 1. This article will give you recent CTR benchmarks  (click-through-rate) per position. It goes from 30% for #1 (for unbranded results) to less than 2% for #9 and #10.

You can see a few “…ideas” in that list. So what I’ll do is filter down the list to see only the keywords feat. “ideas”. A pretty strategic insight for interior design SEO professionals. I’m also sorting the results by volume ( = the estimated monthly volume of search queries for that specific keyword on Google ). Basically, it tells us what people are looking for in terms of inspiration for their interior design projects.

interior design SEO

You can see that “bathroom ideas” grabs the top spot. ranks #7 on Google’s first page for that query, which clearly leads to a nice volume of visits, especially since Houzz is now a recognized brand for interior design aficionados.

SEMrush also tells you how much you would spend per click for that specific keyword on Adwords. In this case 1.82 USD. Then we have living room-, bedroom- and kitchen ideas, interestingly followed, volume-wise, by “pumpkin ideas” which leads to a Halloween-themed page on But that keyword only ranks at position 86, so Houzz won’t get a lot of pumpkin-related traffic 😉

What can you do with the insights provided by SEMrush Organic Research tool? If you run a blog dedicated to interior design, those results can inspire your next articles, which will resonate with a large audience. It can also provide good rankings if you can compete with the other players optimizing for those keywords.

As you can see from the SEMrush results, it won’t be easy though because the Keyword Difficulty index is above 85 for most of those keywords. So you might need to look for longer phrases with less competition. “garage extension ideas” for instance has a KD of 57.90 but… a volume of only 90, so it won’t generate a lot of traffic, even if you rank #1. Keywords with a substantial search volume are usually very competitive.

How did manage to rank that well on Google? See here. It’s a blend of efficient on-site and off-site SEO. The content on Houzz has an outstanding quality, very well structured and gorgeously presented (on-site). And enjoys a massive amount of quality backlinks, including links from all businesses listed on Houzz + the other Houzz domains.

interior design SEO

As I happen to know someone who is active in the bespoke kitchens business (visit Kochwerk), let me share with you some interior design SEO insights relevant to that vertical.

If you type “kitchen ideas” in the SEMrush search box, it will trigger a keyword-based search (whereas triggered a domain-based search). Here are the results sorted by volume. As you can see “kitchen island ideas” and “kitchen extension ideas” are the keywords with the lowest KD (still above 70), with decent monthly search volumes. Those might be a good idea for a blog post.

interior design SEO kitchens

But as you can see on my next screenshot, for “kitchen island ideas” you’ll have quite a strong competition on Google’s page 1, including results from Pinterest and, of course, Houzz.

interior design SEO kitchens

Additionally, “kitchen designs” generates a monthly volume of 49,500 queries with a KD of 80.22. With Houzz grabbing position #10 for that request, the #1 spot going to a pure player of the industry, For those of you interested in kitchens, here’s the list of the top keywords generating organic traffic for Magnet, on Google page 1, sorted by volume. You will see that “magnet” appears in many queries, which shows the value of the brand. They even manage to rank #1 for the very generic “kitchens” keyword.

interior design SEO Magnet

According to the SimilarWeb Chrome extension (an absolute must-have), attracts 150K+ visits per month. With almost 75% of the traffic coming from organic search. 

interior design SEO

interior design SEO Magnet Similarweb


Give SEMrush a try, be creative and I’m sure you’ll improve your interior design SEO.

In my next article, I’m sharing with you some insights re: what people are looking for in London. You will be amazed!

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