How Instant Street View managed to beat Google at its own game!

I’ve just discovered  a very simple service simply called Instant Street View which currently has 32,700 indexed URLs on Google. It basically enables you to get an instant street view of any address you type into the main search bar of the site.

Instant Street View

I think that most of those indexed URLs are basically pages created on-the-fly after users requested a specific address via the service. For instance, I’ve spotted 543 Mission St, San Francisco, USA and 21 Wardour St, London, UK among the indexed URLs.

I presume that I will soon see the addresses I’ve used for testing purposes.

If you want to check out a particular city, just type cityname in Google. London currently returns 390 results, Paris 78, San Francisco just 5. I checked my hometown, Charleroi in Belgium. It returned 2 URLs!

instant street view charleroi

I checked the traffic of Instant Street View on Similarweb. It’s actually a pretty popular destination, with 2+m visits in October 2016. When I saw that 70% of the traffic of the website was generated via organic searches, I scrolled down and discovered that this website was ranking for “street view”, “google street view” and even “google maps”. Amazing!

We’re talking about massive volumes of monthly queries: “street view” = 165,000 searches per month in the US. Same amount for “google street view”. Google-related queries on Google.

When I typed “google maps street view” in (incognito window), here’s what I got:

instant street view google maps

Instant Street View ranks #1, before… Google Maps itself. Mind blowing! The site created by a developer called Nick Nicholaou has gained so much authority on the Street View topic that it has managed to beat Google in Google’s rankings. An achievement confirmed by some additional research on SEMrush. See what we get for in the US.

instant street view SEMrush

There’s only one possible conclusion I can share with you after spending 15′ digging into Nick’s website’s data: this guy totally nailed it! A perfectly executed SEO venture. Congrats!


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