Halloween searches, unveiling Google’s scariest queries

Late October, Halloween is back, time for trick or treat queries. What do people search for at this time of the year? What are the scariest (or the dumbest) Halloween searches? 

Let’s explore the meanders of the web with SEMrush. We’ll start by typing Halloween in the search box.

A pretty popular keyword on its own, with 823,000 monthly searches over the last 12 months.

Halloween searches

Let’s see the details of the phrase match keywords. First comment: there is a LOT of competition around the leading Halloween keywords (KD very often north of 90). It’s a big seasonal business, not only for pumpkin vendors.

halloween searches

Children and adults love to dress up for Halloween. We see “costumes” mentioned in a few keywords of the Top 15.

E-commerce Halloween searches

We also notice the presence of “party city” in the queries. Partycity.com is a major US-based e-commerce website (almost 14m visits in September 2016) selling all sorts of party supplies. Halloween-related keywords play a huge part in their organic traffic, as we can see from the stats provided by SimilarWeb.

Halloween searches

Halloween searches

According to Spyfu, they’re spending $50K+ per month on Adwords.

Halloween searches

“Spirit Halloween” is also a leading e-commerce website specialized in costumes and other party supplies, with a traffic of 8m visits last month. They have enjoyed a tremendous growth this year, fueled by 65% of organic traffic.

halloween searches

“Halloween Express” is yet another e-commerce website, though a little less popular in terms of traffic.

halloween searches

“Halloween City” is also a party supplies provider, with a stronger offline component (100 brick & mortar stores) and less online traffic (442K visits last month).

The presence of those 4 e-commerce brands in the Top 15 of Halloween searches (twice for Party City) proves that surfers were already aware of those shopping destinations, considered as references for everything Halloween.

Happy Halloween searches

From the list above, we see that sensation seekers are also searching for “happy halloween”, probably to source Halloween visuals, which is confirmed by the 10 first URLs ranking for that keyword. We see Pinterest, Giphy, Plusquotes and Shutterstock ranking high for the “Happy Halloween” query.

They’re also looking for “Halloween movies”. For a scary TV evening in the comfort of their home or a spooky night out at the local cinema. Finally some people just want to know “when is halloween” 😉

Halloween searches

Scary clowns

I will conclude my short round up of Halloween searches with a creepy snapshot of the clown-related queries. You might have followed all the craze around scary clowns, which started in August in the US and has now spread all over Europe. Kids and adults have always entertained a love hate relationship with clowns, some people suffering from an actual phobia of clowns, also called “coulrophobia”. Which explains why we spot “scary clowns”, “scary clown”, “american horror story clown”, “killer clown” and “fear of clowns” in the Top 15.

halloween searches

As far as I’m concerned, I absolutely LOVE clowns. I’m a former ringmaster, which probably justifies my passion for anything circus.

What will be your Halloween search queries? 


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