Are UFOs real? How much do people care about it?

You might have seen on TV documentaries titled “are UFOs real”. Or even assuring that we’re not alone in the universe, that aliens are already among us. That they’re patiently waiting their hour in the shadow.

But are UFOs real or some sort of hoax? Do we even care about the mysterious issue of aliens, little grey men, flying saucers and other spacecrafts from outer space? Well, according to Google, we’re more interested in amazon promo codes than in UFOs.

If you search for UFO on SEMrush, here is what you’ll see in terms of monthly search volume for the US.

are ufos real

Which means that Google gets 165,000 queries per month for the UFO keyword. You see a few variants of UFO in Los Angeles and UFO over LA. Which can be linked to multiple accounts of UFO sightings in LA in late 2015. Here’s a video I found on Youtube for that specific event. Apparently caused by the test flight of a deactivated missile.

If you dig a bit deeper – which prompted this article around the question “are UFOs real” – here’s what you get for “are UFOs…”.

are UFOs real

There are more people asking the question (Are UFOs real – 2900 monthly searches) than people seeking for Google’s confirmation of their belief (UFOs ARE real – 590 monthly searches). A few US citizens seem to be concerned by the potentially evil nature of our friends from outer space (are ufos demons). Some people don’t know what UFO stands for (what are UFOs). And just a handful want Google to confirm that “UFOs are not real”.

But if you compare the 165,000 monthly searches for “UFO” with the 246,000 monthly searches for “Amazon promo code” (read my previous article), you can conclude that people are still more focused on consumption than worried about the existence of extraterrestrial beings.

Kim vs Elon

This mainstream trend is confirmed by the 3.3m monthly searches for Kim Kardashian, crushing the 368,000 monthly searches for Elon Musk (you know that South African bloke who gave us sexy electric cars and promised to make us a multiplanetary species).

Actually Kim Kardashian even beats Hillary Clinton (1.5m), but not Donald Trump (4m). Oops.

screen-shot-2016-10-26-at-17-58-08are UFOs real

So I don’t know whether UFOs are real or fake but I know for sure that Kim Kardashian is not alien to the online spotlights. I’m also convinced that Elon Musk (who thinks we’re living in a simulation) is an extraterrestrial being who simply wants to build a big ass rocket to go back home. Which makes sense. But we’ll leave that subject for another article 😉

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