And the winner of the promo contest is… “amazon promo code”

From vouchers to promo codes

A few years ago dozens of daily deals and hot coupons websites popped up on the web, filled to the brim with enticing discount vouchers, digitizing the traditional paper coupon. It was long before the advent of iOS and Android apps. These days checkout promo codes have become one of the main customer acquisition strategies for leading mobile applications like Uber, Lyft, Deliveroo or established brands like American Eagle, Nike or Urban Outfitters. There’s a “promo code” field at almost every online checkout. That’s why consumers are so eager to grab them on the web, “Amazon promo code” taking the lead!

Uber is well positioned on both sides of the pond, with “uber promo code” ranking #2 in the US, scoring 201,000 searches per month and #4 in the UK with 18,100 searches per month.

The absolute winners in the promo code game are the “amazon promo code” in the US, which generates 246,000 searches per month on Google alone and the “asos promo code” in the UK, with 33,100 searches per month.

There are domestic winners in both countries, ASOS being the leading UK example (ASOS ranking is much lower in the US charts) while Papa Johns (pizza) ranks twice in the top 5 in the US, in the singular and plural forms (“Papa Johns promo code” and “Papa Johns promo codes”). With an overall amount of 300,000 searches per month on Google. Papa Johns is also active on the UK market but with “only” 6,600 searches per month.

Promo code insights

Why is the phrase “promo code” such an important factor to evaluate the appeal of an e-seller (as well as “review(s)”)? Simply because it tells a lot about the level of intent of the potential buyer. Someone looking for a “promo code” is a hot lead, just about to make a purchase. She/he’s just looking for a little discount to start or complete the transaction. It might be a first time user. In that case the promo code will serve an acquisition purpose. Or a repeat customer, in that case the promo code will play a retention role.

Companies ranking in Google searches charts for “promo code” are in great demand.

Here’s the SEMrush phrase match report for “promo code” for the US market. I’ve removed “groupon promo code” from the list.

amazon promo code US

Here is the same report for the UK market. You can see that “amazon promo code” is ranked twice, the second time with the “UK” mention.

amazon promo code UK

Promo code vs Coupon

Interestingly, depending on the vendor, “coupons” will still often be more popular as a search phrase than “promo codes”. See the US results for coupons herein below. Hobby Lobby scores an impressive 1.5m searches per month. They even have their own coupons application. I also found via Google Images an example of a Michaels coupon. The search volumes for those offline coupons prove that there’s still a high demand for traditional “paper” discounts, besides the increasingly popular checkout promo codes.

coupons amazon promo code



What are you looking for? Offline coupons or online promo codes? 

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