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First of all, let me welcome you all to and explain you why I created this blog.

I’m an online marketer and digital artist, based in London, UK.

Everyday I spend a lot of time on Google (less on Bing to be honest…). A lot! And I come across a lot of interesting stuff during my long search journeys. I love to write essays and I love to share my findings. So the logical step for me was to start a blog called… Searchfindings. And, much to my surprise, was still available.

Actually this gives me the opportunity to share with you my first… finding, the first in my series of actionable insights. Using the Wayback Machine, you can go back in time and see what a website looked like years ago. domain became available in June this year, after years of operation under different guises. It all started in the year 2000 (16 years ago!).

The Wayback Machine app has crawled tens of billions of web pages since the dawn of the internet, taking regular snapshots of the visited websites.

If you visit this page, you’ll see a calendar with some black columns showing you when snapshots were recorded. This is what the website looked like on October 6th, 2000. Very old school, though the logo wasn’t that bad.

wayback machine actionable insights

Searchfindings was apparently an early search engine launched by a company called Wirefront Technologies Inc, from Los Angeles. The company doesn’t exist any more.

Wayback Machine actionable insightsIn November 2003, the website looked like some sort of Yahoo listings portal.  According to Alexa, I inherited three backlinks from the previous incarnation of the website. They don’t seem too dodgy.

I can see on Moz Open Site Explorer that my brand new website starts with a domain authority of 10 and a page authority (for the home page) of 20, slightly less of course than my other (much older) blog ( which gets a score of 44 and 35. Hopefully when you’ll click on the Moz OSE link in a few months, those figures will be higher 😉

The latest registration of is apparently linked to a Chinese user (with a QQ acccount). I became the new owner a few hours ago and immediately installed WordPress on this domain to start writing my first post.

On Searchfindings, I will share with you a growing collection of actionable insights from my numerous search sessions. My first posts will be focused on what I’m currently learning by using SEMRush and Similarweb, two amazing analytics tools for anyone curious about the sources of web traffic. Let’s celebrate the new life of a 16-year old domain!


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